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"If you want the darkness to go away, become light ..."

"If you want the darkness to go away, become light ......"

These days we have the need for prayer more than ever.
To be united with Christ, to taste the joy and grace of His Presence.
To sweeten the bitterness of our fears.
To calm our troubled minds from so much negative information full of panic.
So if we have not yet set up a peaceful shelter in our home, let us do so now. This is what we need. A space in our house where we can rest. To be silent, to renew our tired soul.
Many or few images do not matter. A candle, a little beautiful incense and a candle to remind us of the light we have inside us and we forget it all. Because all regardless of our mistakes and sins, we have the light of God within us.
There in our refuge, we can pray, as everyone rests. He likes it and goes for his character.
With a prayer book, saying the supper, the greetings or the prayer of Our Lady. A saint we feel very close to. We can with the cosmopolitan slowly and calmly utter the wish of Jesus. Let the words come down with love deep in the soul. To strike with passion within us. "Jesus Christ show me mercy...".
But also staying completely silent. Just present before Him. Look at it and it looks at you. This is the Pan. The silence of love.
But you can also read something that will give you strength, calm and positivity. No heavy texts these days. This is not a time for reflection. Our nervous system needs food to endure. And this is the peace and quiet of the mind.
And you can listen to music, as long as it relaxes you. Know that everything can become a prayer, as long as you go to Him.
Pay attention to the calculation. He can tell you that "here the world is lost and I calm down and pray…".
Do not listen to him. He is lying to you. Now is the time to pray. You need it, our fellow human beings who are being tested need it.
And do not forget that if you are well, there will be others around you. That if you have light you will offer it to others. If you find peace in your speech, in your ways and in your form, then those around you will calm the turmoil of their minds.
If you want the darkness to go away, become light ......

Text: Fr. Charalambos Papadopoulos Livyos 


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