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"Life is an apology ..."

Life is an apology ...

Lent begins and one day before we enter the struggle of fasting and prayer, the church asks us to forgive each other. I do not think it takes much thought to realize why the church does this? How will you enter fasting and prayer if you have not learned to forgive? What is the point of looking for God when there is evil in you or as the Evangelist John nicely tells us, "Aν δέν aγαπato your neighbor, where do you see him, eyes it is never possible to aγαπato God, where do you not see Him? " (A' ω. 4, 20).

How will you proceed spiritually with malice and revenge in your heart? The other is not your enemy but your fellow man. Yes, I know many times it brings you to your limits, but try to widen these limits of your heart so that it forgives, forgets the evil, does not ask for revenge. We can not be friends with everyone, it is not realistic, but we do not need to become enemies.

The other is not your God either, do not be confused he is your companion. You had the need to see him perfect, angel and God. You served your own needs when you cried out of love "Angel and God ...". Was he never introduced to you as such? So he realized that we are all human beings, with weaknesses and passions. But we also have light, joy and gifts. Hold on well and let the evil go. And if you can not chase it, at least learn to manage it. Because life is a deep understanding, a great apology, a huge hug to everyone and everything.

The secret to forgiving another is to accept yourself. To love and see yourself as God sees you. This is the cure. And the eyes of God do not look at your past or just your present, which may be bad, but they see you in the future, in what you have not yet become but where you will become. How nice it is for someone to love you not only for who you were or are, but also for what you can become. Then he believes in you, strengthens you and strengthens you. This is God's love for man. God believes in us even when we do not believe in Him.


Text: Fr. Charalambos Papadopoulos Livyos 

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