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Everything around us is small miracles ... a flower that blooms in the crevice of a sidewalk, a brave flower that did not put it down and tried to come out of the darkness into the light.

This is exactly how we should always try to find light. It is everywhere, as long as we want to see it ourselves.

Ask God every day to lead you to the light.

Pray! Hope and nothing will be dark in your life.

We ourselves choose how our day will start and run from the moment we open our eyes.

We should praise God that we got up from our bed, this is also a small or rather, a great miracle! So, to live in your every day all the little miracles that happen, to see in all the light!

The darkness should be just small passages and not stations in your life. Choose the day you want to have, every day.


Theodora Sapatakidou 

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