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Lord, have mercy! Saint Justin Popovich

Mr. Mercy: Mercy grass! Little bird have mercy! Everything in me and around me, both small and big, past and infinite, both simple and enigmatic, dark and light… and the visible and the invisible, and the mortal and the immortal and the good and evil, everything and everything in all the worlds I know and feel, motivate me to a fervent prayer: Lord, have mercy!

Our pains sum up all human words in one prayer and one cry: Lord have mercy!

Turning to You we find overflowing in all our being, only one sigh: Lord have mercy!

We would like to tell You ourselves, but our tears are shed and we say to You with all our souls in these two words: Lord have mercy!

Every building has its heart. And the heart is with this heart, because it sighs and tends to You: Lord have mercy!

In this sad world man has no greater need than to have mercy first of You, Lord have mercy!

And with You and behind You may all beings and all creation have mercy on him: Lord have mercy!


 Saint Justin Popovich

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